Sunday, July 7, 2013

Becky: Chest & Triceps

     The most simplistic way to explain the breakdown of the different upper body muscle groups is: Pushing weight AWAY from your body works your Chest and your Triceps. Pulling weight TOWARD your body works your Back and your Biceps. Raising weight upward/ toward your head or over your head works your Shoulders.
     Today's was Chest and Tricep day, so all of our exercises used the "PUSHING" technique. It's important when doing any type of Bench Press to avoid bouncing the weight off of the chest. All motions should be controlled motions (even when the exercise calls for explosive motion). If you can't control the weight, it's too heavy for you. Also, make sure to have proper supervision during weighted exercises!
*** Weights are not necessary. One can achieve a wonderful workout using Body Weight exercises such as Push-Ups. You can elevate your legs to achieve the results of an Incline, for example.***

Barbell Flat Bench Press

Dumbell Flatbench Press & Fly

KettleBell Tricep Extension

Incline Barbell Press

Incline Dumbell Press

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