Saturday, June 29, 2013

Little Lady... Big Punch

Many people make the mistake of thinking that core strengthening begins and ends with the abdominal muscles. The core actually consists of the entire circumference of the middle of your body. This includes: The Abdominals, The Obliques, and The Lower Back. Neglecting the strengthen the Core in its entirety can result in discomfort AND in injury due to imbalance in strength. Always remember: As you strengthen your Abs, mix it up with some Oblique and Lower Back.
Boxing Cardio: I'm a huge fan of pairing Core with Cardio. I usually do the Core workout first. When I do that, the muscle fatigue caused by doing core first REALLY highlights the use of your Core in Boxing Cardio. By highlighting when and where your Core should be relaxing and contracting, the Client is much more attentive to the form being used with each punch! When you watch the video, I want you to note that the Client (Shippy) is NOT a large woman; however, by using the proper form, she is able to generate a GREAT amount of power onto the end of her punches!

KettleBell: Weighted Oblique Sit-Ups

Resistance Band: Oblique Trunk Twists

Supermans: Lower Back Strengthening

KettleBell: Weighted Sit-Ups

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