Sunday, June 23, 2013

    Today's session was a Core & Cardio Workout. (Proper Core workouts consist of more than just abdominal exercises... Your Core is the whole circumference of the middle of your body and consists of your Abdominal Muscles, Obliques, and your Lower Back). Strengthening some areas of your Core while neglecting the others can lead to injury, imbalance, and future discomfort.
    We started with Core Exercises:
                                                   Leg Lifts/Raises (Lower Abdominals)

 KettleBell Crunches (Upper & Middle Abdominals),

 KettleBell Cross Crunches (Obliques),

Sit-Ups (Total Abdominal Region),

 Lying Scissors/ Bicycles (Total Abdominal Region),

Weighted- Seated Torso Rotation (Abdominal Endurance).

    We finished our workout with some Boxing Cardio. Boxing is a GREAT full-body workout as well as a way to kick-start your body into Fat-Burning Mode! Punching Power has very little to do with the size and/or the natural strength of the puncher... The power from a punch comes mainly from the use of proper technique! The short-version is: Punching Power comes from the ground up... In other words, your power comes from your legs and your core! Your elbows should stay connected with its power source (core) until the energy is gather from the ground, up through the legs, and to the core. Try the 30-second warm-up combination of Jab, Straight-Left (or Straight-Right for  you SouthPaws). Throw the combo nonstop for 30 seconds; then, take a 15 second rest and repeat! Don't worry... You'll receive the cardiovascular benefits even before you perfect your form! The key is to be active. The form and skill will grow with time and practice. The key is to get a little bit better every day!

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